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     This is a very exciting time in the history of Virginia Union University and we are pleased that you are visiting our website to learn more about us.  Founded in 1865, we are one of the oldest historically black colleges or universities in the South.  A little over a year ago we celebrated our 150th anniversary and paid tribute to our Founding Fathers who taught many of the university’s first classes in a former jail for runaway slaves.  Never in their wildest dreams would our founders have imagined the widespread influence of their beloved school. 

     Virginia Union University has expanded its educational footprint to every arena imaginable, especially with respect to the fields of medicine, business, the arts, education, science, theology, and politics.  Today, we continue our efforts to keep our students ahead of the curve, offering new majors this fall in Cyber Security and Physics.  In addition, we are delighted to offer our new “3 PLUS 2” Engineering program.  Students can now study three years at Virginia Union, plus an additional two years at Howard University and receive bachelor’s degrees in both Physics and Engineering.  Our new Cyber Security major offers concentrations in Accounting, Digital Forensics, Finance and Banking, and Mathematics. 

     The last several years have been years of growth for Virginia Union.  We added a new Living and Learning Center that provides additional student housing, as well as meeting facilities.  We now have new biology, chemistry, and physics labs.  Our “Promise of a Limitless Future” is ongoing and we hope that you can find the time to visit us in person.  We would love to share our unique and rich history and let you experience the Virginia Union University family atmosphere for yourself. 

     Thank you for visiting our website and please contact our Office of Admissions at (804) 342-3570 if we can assist you in any way. 


Joseph F. Johnson, Ed. D.

Acting President