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  The Promise of a Limitless Future: As a student of VUU, you are placed in a warm academic environment. Yet, more importantly, you are challenged to depend on yourself to be successful, while away from the safety net of family and friends. Together a strong academic preparation and the maturation of independent thinking and decision-making, provide students with the skill set to exceed their personal expectations and achieve the promises of a lifetime.

~Dr. Carleitta Paige,  Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
  Class of 2003
  Fredericksburg, VA

I chose to attend Virginia Union University because I was fortunate enough to understand what VUU had to offer. On my campus visit, seeing the historic buildings and the embracing warm welcome from the staff and students encouraged me to want to be a part of the Panther family! Virginia Union is like a home away from home.

~Michael Tyrone, Marketing Major
  Class of 2010
  Rocky Mount, VA

I chose Virginia Union University because of its family oriented campus, never ending history, and the professors, faculty, and staff that refused to give up on me and strived to provide me with the best education possible.

~Ciera Scott, English Major
  Class of 2010
  Drakes Branch, VA

To be honest, while I was thinking about where I was going to college, Virginia Union University was not an option for me.  However, after experiencing all of the love, guidance, and support from the faculty, staff, and students, there is no other place I’d rather be.

~Derrick Jones Jr., Biology Major
  Class of 2013
  Clinton, MD

I chose Virginia Union University because of the small school environment and class size. Also, because of all of the wonderful things I have heard about this historical institution.

~Kenya Fox, Entrepreneurial Management Major
  Class of 2013
  St. Albans, NY

I chose Virginia Union University because of its family oriented campus, small class size, and rich history.

~Daniel W. Thomas, Political Science and Music Education Major 
  Class of 2012
  Mount Vernon, NY