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1. What is a Quality Enhancement Plan?
2. Topic of VUU's QEP
3. Goals and Objectives for VUU's QEP
4. QEP Strategies
5. Assessing Strategies and Evaluating the Plan
6. VUU's QEP Poem
7. VUU's QEP Document
8. VUU QEP Committee
9. QEP Day


 What is a Quality Enhancement Plan?

A Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a plan of action mandated by SACS as part of the reaffirmation/re-accreditation process; a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a 5-yr plan with goals, objectives, learning outcomes, strategies, and assessments that focus on enhancing student learning. The plan should also include broad-based community involvement, a sound budget, proof of the university’s ability to sustain the proposed project, and a marketing plan.


Topic of VUU's QEP

VUU’s QEP topic, Writing Across the Curriculum: Critical for Student Success, was generated through a process that included:

  1. Stakeholders' input which generated 4 specific topics
  2. Survey on topics resulting with writing in the top 3
  3. Whitepapers submitted by faculty members
  4. QEP committee’s final decision for the topic Writing Across the Curriculum: Critical for Student Success

The process for selection of topic begins on p.12 of the QEP document.


Publicity Theme for VUU’s QEP

The advertising/publicity theme of our QEP, “Write Here…Write Now,” was a result of a student QEP theme contest. The winner of the QEP theme contest was 
Bryan Morris.

The contest took place on October 23rd – 24th, 2009.More information on the Marketing Plan begins on p. 38 of the QEP document


Goals and Objectives for VUU's QEP

Click Here to View Goals and Objectives


QEP Strategies

The QEP strategies for implementation are directly aligned with the objectives of the plan, which include:

1. Writing Intensive Courses w/electronic portfolio requirement
2. Electronic Tutoring Enhancements in VUU Writing Center
3. VUU Writing-Grammar Workbook/Handbook Think, Plan, Write: Strategies for Lifelong Success
4. Faculty Development
Details on each strategy is begins on p. 23 of the QEP document

Assessing Strategies & Evaluating the Plan

The strategies will be assessed using the following measures:

1. COMPASS, Criterion
3. ENG 100, 101, 102 post-assessments
4. Evaluation of electronic and non-electronic portfolios
5. Student/faculty satisfaction surveys for VUU Writing Center and faculty development sessions.

Evaluation of the plan: To evaluate the entire WAC program, semester reports will be generated and included in annual assessment reports on the QEP initiatives to be given to Director of Institutional Effectiveness and the Vice President of Academic Affairs. The five-year impact report mandated by SACS-COC will be compiled from these reports. Data from the semester and annual reports will be used to determine if changes must be made to the WAC program or if a new program needs to be introduced. The ongoing monitoring process will produce information on how effective the WAC program is for Virginia Union University.

Details on assessments and evaluation of the plan begin on p. 30 of the QEP document.


VUU's QEP Poem

Click Here to read VUU's QEP Poem


VUU's QEP Document

Click Here to read VUU's QEP Document

Virginia Union University’s QEP Committee

1. Dr. Jeffery Clark – Professor of Psychology
2. Ms. Sarah Colvert – Writing Specialist
3. Dr. Eve Davis – Chair of Languages and Literature
4. Dr. Thomas Hardy – Professor of Biology
5. Dr. David Hood – Director of Center for Undergraduate Studies
6. Ms. Mia Horace – Director of Upward Bound
7. Ms. Linda McDonald – Professor of Languages and Literature
8. Mr. Samuel Nettey – Student; Junior Biology Major
9. Dr. Philip Umansky – Professor of Business
10. Ms. Vickie Whidbee-Cruz – Assistant Director of Center for Undergraduate Studies, QEP Committee Chairperson


In the spring semester of 2010, a QEP Day will be observed in which the topic and purpose of the QEP will be stressed by faculty, in each area of the curriculum, to students. This will be done in order to effectively convey how the QEP topic affects each area. Teachers will display QEP posters on their doors and wear t-shirts advertising QEP facts, primary goal, and strategies. In addition, the students will be entertained in an outdoor celebration that will include food, music, and a motivational rapper who will serenade the students on VUU’s QEP facts. See the QEP flyer


For more information on the QEP contact:
Vickie Whidbee-Cruz
QEP Committee Chairperson
Assistant Director, Center for Undergraduate Studies
101-A Ellison Hall
Office: (804) 354-5947