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Academic Advising/Support for Probationary Students and Undecided Majors

All matriculating students are assigned a faculty advisor during their first semester at Virginia Union University. The advisor maintains an advisement folder and a complete record of coursework and grades for each student. The advisor assists in planning academic schedules prior to registration and guides the student in academic pursuits.

Students are responsible for following proper course sequences and for meeting graduation requirements. The Center for Undergraduate Studies supports the educational efforts of every student at Virginia Union University. However, the Sophomore Experience Coordinator places emphasis on sophomore students, undecided majors and probationary students. By implementing advisement initiatives and monitoring systems, the Sophomore Experience Coordinator ensures that the needed resources and tools are provided to assist students in their academic matriculation and overall development during their educational experience. The primary goals of the Sophomore Experience Coordinator are to ensure probationary, sophomore and undecided students have an exceptional learning experience and to provide  probationary and undecided students with the guidance and support to successfully transition into the academic program of their choice.

For more information on policies and procedures for Probationary Students and Undecided Majors please refer to the Virginia Union University Catalog