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VUU SLSB Internship Overview



The purpose of the VUU Sydney Lewis School of Business (SLSB) internship program is to provide students with a practical learning experience in their program area of study/major, to integrate all their previous learning experiences, and to practically apply the knowledge they have gained while matriculating at VUU. The internship is a planned work experienced related to the students’ academic, personal, and career aspirations. It can help students learn about a career they would like to pursue, apply knowledge gained in the classroom, develop their skills, and enrich their understanding of themselves and the manner in which organizations are managed. The internship acquaints students with the practical application of the principles and processes of business in corporate America. It is designed and is integrated into the student’s academic schedule. The program seeks to get students to think as an employee and in some cases as a leader. It is not the goal of this program for students to simply put in hours.

The internship program involves a conscious relating of academic experiences to those in the workplace. Along with working a specified number of hours per week completing assigned tasks by the internship organizations, interns fulfill other work related tasks and submit deliverables to the SLSB Director of the Internship Program, such as submitting weekly status reports, submitting midterm and final evaluations on the interns from the internship organizations, submitting midterm and final evaluations on the internship organization, and meeting weekly with the Director of the Internship program to assess the progress of the interns.

Finally, the intent is to assist the students in potentially developing long-term relationships that could prove to be a value add in the students’ long-term career aspirations. The ultimate goal is to prepare the students for a bright future in corporate America and to give them a competitive advantage.