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White Hall

 Constructed in 1953, White Hall was originally built to provide training to women for work in the mission’s field and/or religious education. White Hall was named in honor of Blanche Syndor White, an executive secretary to the Women's Missionary Union of the Southern Baptist Convention. The first floor of White Hall was renovated in Summer 2010 and the building now houses upperclassman females with a 3.0 GPA or higher.  Students wishing to reside in White Hall must submit an application. The building houses 34 students.

White Hall has a lobby area on the first floor, as well as a study room, longue room, and laundry room on the second floor. The first floor has three community bathrooms. The second floor has one community bathroom, and the majority of the bedrooms have suite-style bathrooms to share with the adjacent room.

Most rooms in White Hall have:

  • Two twin size beds
  • Two dressers
  •  Two closets
  • Towel racks

There is one triple occupancy room and one single occupancy room in White Hall.