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If you should be faced with classroom misconduct challenges, please refer to the table below as a helpful guide. Please be reminded that the table below is simply a guide and was developed with the understanding that items highlighted below (as examples) can be very subjective. The table in no way is meant to or proposes to encompass every possible conduct challenge that you might face. Please use your best judgment when determining appropriate responses.

Mild Disruptions Moderate Disruptions Severe Disruptions

Dress code violations
Eating in class

Recommended Professor Response: Educational conversation with the student(s).

Failing to comply with directives
Horse playing
Coming late/ leaving early
Inappropriate comments
Talking on cell phone
Inappropriate pictures/ sayings on clothing
Repeated “mild” disruptions

Recommended Professor Response: Written referral to OSIC and Chairperson.

Arguing in class/ hallway
Verbal threats
Drug/ alcohol use
Repeated “moderate” disruptions

Recommended Professor Response: Written referral to OSIC, Chairperson and Campus Police.

If you should need to refer a student to OSIC, please complete the attached incident reporting form and forward to all appropriate individuals. Please make a copy for your records and file accordingly. Please note that there is no guarantee that you will be notified or informed of the outcomes for cases that you choose to report due to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) restrictions. Just know that the reported behavior will be addressed according the disciplinary policies and procedures that are currently in place.

Thank you for your assistance in aiding in the social development of our students!