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The Public Relations Office offers layout and design services for most Virginia Union University publications. Please allow a minimum of three weeks to turn around a job. The turnaround time will vary depending on the scope of the project and the number of projects that are in-house.


Materials submitted for design should be the FINAL version. There will be no corrections made to text (other than in-house editing) once the request has been submitted. Requests for copy/printing services should be forwarded to the Copy Center. To request graphic design services, fill out the form below:



Type of Project:

Brief Description of Project (Please include size, orientation, color (full/2color/B/W), etc.:


Please indicate if the project will be printed in-house (Copy Center) or outsourced:

Requestors will be contacted for confirmation purposes. Requests MUST BE PLACED AT LEAST 15 BUSINESS DAYS IN ADVANCE, whenever possible, allowing 10 business days for turnaround unless otherwise indicated.