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Why attend the Summer Bridge Program at VUU?

Garland Stukes
Major: Religious Studies
Hometown: Portsmouth, Virginia

The Summer Bridge program was an amazing program. It helped me adapt to being away from home, even before the actual academic year began, therefore I was well prepared socially. Secondly, it gave me a feel on how the professors teach on a collegiate level. During the Summer Bridge Program, I became very familiar with the campus and all the services available to me. Finally, it helped me get a jump start on my education.


Kierris Doyle
Major: Computer Information Systems
Hometown: Emporia, Virginia

The Summer Bridge Program provides students with a head start to their college education at Virginia Union University. It allowed me to learn how to become more responsible and manage my time. Without the Summer Bridge Program I do not believe my freshman year at Virginia Union University would have been as successful as it was, particularly because I am a student athlete and the skills that I acquired from the program has helped me a great deal. I encourage students to take advantage of this once in a life time opportunity.


David Smith
Major: History Secondary Education
Hometown: Fredericksburg, Virginia

The Summer Bridge Program was a fun and a major experience for me. The program helped me prepare for college life. I’ve learned a lot from the staff of the program and the courses that I took. This program helped me excel and learn to manage my time as a new college student. I recommend attending the Summer Bridge Program for all incoming freshman.