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Criminology and Criminal Justice

The mission of the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Virginia Union University is to provide a challenging academic environment which inspires students to learn and achieve in the classroom and community, with support of faculty, while addressing the challenges of the criminal justice system and public safety.  Our vision is to be a leading department at Virginia Union University and a regionally recognized criminology and criminal justice academic program.


Richmond Police Training Academy


Students majoring in Criminology and Criminal Justice (CCJ) can earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. Students can also earn a minor in CCJ.    

 Criminology/Criminal Justice Major

General Education Courses                                52-54 hours
Req’d Criminology/Criminal Justice Courses             48 hours
CCJ 180 Introduction to Criminal Justice                                 
CCJ 205 Criminology                                                             
CCJ 210 Police in America                                                    
CCJ 320 Correctional Theories and Practices                           
CCJ 330 Criminal Court Procedures                                        
CCJ 331 Juvenile Justice                                                        
CCJ 340 Research Methods in Criminal Justice
CCJ 450 Criminal Law
CCJ 460 Analyzing Community Crime Problems
CCJ 480 Ethics in Criminal Justice
CCJ 486 Senior Seminar
CCJ Electives (four courses)                                    12 hours

Required Social Science Courses                        12 hours
Social Science Electives (two courses)
Separate out the required social sciences courses from the free electives

MAT 201 Statistics
PSC 230 Intro to American Government

Free Electives (five courses)                                     15 hours

Total Hours Required for Degree 120 hours

Minor in Criminology/Criminal Justice

Criminology/Criminal Justice Courses             15 hours
CCJ 180 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CCJ 205 Criminology
CCJ 210 Police in America
CCJ 320 Correctional Theories and Practices
CCJ 330 Criminal Court Procedures

Minor in Legal Studies

At least one Course from each unit below        15 hours
Unit 1: (Select one course)
PSC 451 Perspectives on Terrorism
PSC 415 Civil Rights and Liberties
PSC 431 Urban Politics

Unit 2: (Select one course)
HIS 410 Criminal Justice History
HIS 323 English History to 1688
HIS 324 English History from 1688 to Present
HIS 455 U.S. Constitutional History
HIS 490 Crimes Against Humanity

Unit 3: (Select two courses)
CCJ 180 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CCJ 314 Criminal Investigations
CCJ 330 Criminal Court Procedures
CCJ 331 Juvenile Justice
CCJ 450 Criminal Law
CCJ 464 Organized Crime

Unit 4: (Select one course)
MGT 200 Introduction to Legal Environments
MCM 412 Communications Law
SOC 305 Social Problems
SWK 380 Social Discrimination