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The mission of the Department of Religious Studies is to provide a dynamic and challenging learning environment that encourages each and every student to reach beyond their perceived limits; and strive to excel in whatever field or undertaking they choose. We also aim to nurture our students, while preparing them to take their place in the global society as scholars, leaders, and builders of the future in religious institutions, the academy or whatever other area of society within which they choose to function.


Religious Studies Major
        Requirements (B. A. Degree, 121hours)

 General Education 48-50 hours
(A grade of C or better is required in all English, History, Math, and Science)

Required Core Courses 73 hours
PHI 211 Logic 3
PHI 212 History of Philosophy
PHI 213 History and Survey of Modern Philosophy
PHI 314 American Philosophies
PHI 316 Contemporary Philosophy
PHI 430 Philosophy of Religion
REL 201 Introduction to Religion
REL 224 Religious Cults and Sects in the U.S.
REL 235 Black Religion
REL 311 Old Testament Literature A and B
REL 312 New Testament Literature A and B
REL 316 Biblical Ethics
REL 366 Sociology of Religion
REL 417 Theological Communication
REL 420 Survey in Christian Thought
REL 421 Womanist Religious Thought
REL 463 Contemporary Trends in Theology A and B
REL 490 01 Culture/Anthropology of Women in Biblical Times
REL 490 02 Directed Field Work 4
Free Electives 6
(*Depicts courses that fulfill both a General Education and aMajor requirement)

Religious Studies Minor 15 hours

REL 311 Old Testament Literature 3
REL 312 New Testament Literature 3
REL 316 Biblical Ethics 3
REL 417 Theological Communication 3
REL 463 Contemporary Trends in Theology 3

Philosophy Minor