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Virginia Union University Wellness Program

Fall 2013 Wellness Challenge 
Walking and Drinking more Water

C.D. Queens 
Tia Enis, Jamilya Brown, Deborah Alston, Quanda Baker,
and Ayasha Sledge

The WINNERS were 5 of the VUU’S Campus Police!

For more information on the VUU Wellness Committee contact the
Office of Human Resources.



What is “Wellness?

It is a lifestyle. A way of living that encourages good physical and mental health. It is a balanced lifestyle that includes an emphasis on the body, mind and soul.

Virginia Union University Wellness Program is dedicated to promoting awareness and education, motivation for positive behavior changes, and to support a healthy campus environment and lifestyle.

MISSION: To establish a University community engaged in personal wellness and foster an environment that promotes the health and well being of all faculty, staff and students.






Virginia Union University Wellness Committee participated in the Carytown 10k on Sunday, May 5, 2013.

The VUU Team completed a 6.2 mile course throughout Carytown as part of the Wellness Committee’s commitment to encourage healthy living. Heidi Villanueva was the first to cross the finish line from the VUU Team!