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Virginia Union University Wellness Program

American Heart Association
Fit Friendly Award 2014

For more information on the VUU Wellness Committee contact the
Office of Human Resources.




Mission Statement
VUU's Wellness Program's Mission is to educate, empower
and encourage our employees with practical, goal-oriented
opportunities to achieve healthier lifestyles.

VUU's Wellness Program is offering a myriad of free wellness
services for our employees, including annual health screenings,
confidential individual coaching sessions, Lunch and Learns,
fun group challenges, and online support services.

Our Vision
is to foster and maintain a sustainable, supportive,
healthy environment, where employees take ownership of their
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. When our
employees lead active, fulfilling, and balanced lives, there is
a positive impact on the people in our lives: our students, our
overall campus community, as well as our families and the
greater community.


 Zumba Class
Henderson 10-12


 Wednesday Walkers
First Lady Cheryl Perkins, Ms. Kay Darling, and Ron Baugh