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Pastors’ Summit Challenge

Pastors’ Summit
As a major initiative of Virginia Union University (VUU), the Pastors’ Summit is designed to embrace and expand the relationship between the University and the faith community and more specifically, those who have a direct affinity for the mission of VUU. This effort is coordinated through the Division of Institutional Advancement for the purpose of encouraging stronger support of the philanthropic needs and resources of the University and the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology.

The Pastors’ Summit will represent four strands of interaction sanctioned by VUU and the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology which include:

• Recognition (Induction into the John W. Kinney Academy of Prophetic Voices, formal acknowledgement, etc.)

• Professional Support/Development (training, institute participation, leadership development)

• Scholarships/Fellowships/Internships (undergraduate and graduate financial support)

• Ancillary Services (access to the library, invitation to university events, volunteer opportunities)

Please contact D. Mitchell Ford who serves as Pastors’ Summit Liaison at 804-342-3938.

Who makes up the Pastors’ Summit?
The driving force behind the Pastors’ Summit is the leadership of the Board of Trustees, Administration and members of the faith community. In recognition of the work of the Pastors’ Summit, those involved may result in the individual eligibility for consideration for induction into the John W. Kinney Academy of Prophetic Voices.

The relationship between the University and members of the Pastors’ Summit are mutually beneficial. Members of the Pastors’ Summit will provide support and resources to enable the University to attain its annual goal of $1 million in unrestricted support from the faith community. In turn, the University will provide opportunities for professional support, leadership training, and educational access.

Pastor’s Enrichment Program (PEP)
The Pastors’ Summit will support the following university Pastor’s Enrichment Program (PEP) encompassing, leadership, scholarship and critical thinking. Some of the activities of the PEP include:

• Church Leadership Conference

• Ellison-Jones Convocation

• Evans-Smith Leadership Training Institute

• Edosomwan Evangelism Mission and Global Christianity Institute

• Faith in the City Program

• Missionary Empowerment Opportunities

• National Teaching Centers

• VUU Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology Luncheon – Hampton Minister’s Conference

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